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a member of a Kurdish guerilla organization that fights for a free Kurdish state

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When I see Peshmerge defending their country without receiving salaries then I know that Kurdistan will make it.
Peshmerge did not only repel ISIS in Shingal and other areas of Kurdistan, but forced them into a languishing reality.
Rekesh Shabaz, the producer of #73 said: "The story revolves around a Peshmerge member during the ISIS attack on Shingal, he's in duty in Duhok while his parents are still in Shingal.
People remember those parties which wanted votes from people when they made their promise to unify the Peshmerge forces?
For instance, those parties whose strongholds are close to Iranian borders in Suleimany Province are concerned about the Turkish force's deployment near Mosul while a Peshmerge training center by Turkish military advisors is located in Qalacholan in Suleimany Province.
A good opportunity has risen that instead of retaliation and destabilizing the security and social peace, works should be done together for providing services to the people, for reforms and unifying the Peshmerge. It's true that the steps KDP has taken are holding historical responsibility, but bounding Gorran's horrifying tendencies will lead to a new era of stability and common work.
On November 12th the Operation Free Shingal was launched under the direct military supervision and planning of President Barzani, the Commander of Peshmerge Forces of Kurdistan.
For a long time the division of Peshmerge forces into groups, parties and political components has been a big issue that has weakened the political situation in Kurdistan.
Moreover, Gunes Mengulluoglu said she had to leave her husband in Libya as he was working there, and there were people who wore clothes like peshmerges and who were carrying guns on Tripoli road.
(29) In this context, the Iraqi Kurds' attempts at incorporating Kirkuk into the Kurdish region, offering oil contracts to foreign companies independently of the central authority in Baghdad, and refusing to put their military forces (Peshmerges) under the command of Baghdad should be interpreted as their intention to help create the best possible conditions for the emergence of an independent Kurdish state in the near future.