Peruvian bark

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medicinal bark of cinchona trees

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The Peruvian bark tree, also known as the Jesuit tree or the fever tree, is a cinchona (1) of the family Rubiaceae, native to the western forests of the South American Andes.
Many of these patients would have suffered from malaria, hence the response to quinine, but Peruvian bark grew only in South America and an alternative treatment would have been a great breakthrough.
They certainly ruled with firm hands, backed up by heavy rulers - made of Peruvian bark according to rumors.
The nuns were known to come charging into the boys' room, with Peruvian bark raised, at the sign of any disturbance.
Contains horsetail grass, a mineral rich ingredient which adds strength and sheen while Peruvian bark, offers a nutritive hair treatment with remineralizing proteins.