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a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin

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If it's the latter, be careful not to get paint on the Perspex, or if you do, wipe it off straightaway because you can't scrape and clean dry paint off Perspex, like you can glass, without ruining it.
We treated a 14-year-old boy who fell approximately 20ft through a perspex roof.
Add perspex domes over service stations, too, and make them holiday destinations like Centre Parcs.
Some may have appreciated the show but Perspex was unimpressed, declaiming that the works on display 'were almost universally boring and ugly'.
In this paper Perspex (PMMA) was studied for its dissolving properties in chloroform, in the form of its dust and by observing reactants weights, estimation of solvent's rates of evaporation was performed.
His son Philip James Williamson described the moment he saw his father break through one of the perspex panels.
CLAWS CALL Just a layer of toughened Perspex separates Gordon from the bear
If you want to put it on a wall where it could get splashed, you need to protect it with a clear glass or Perspex panel.
carnea were reared in three types of cages, transparent Perspex cage, transparent glass cage and wooden cage in the laboratory conditions, to test the suitability of different cage types for better egg production and C.
Perspex lands treble LADY PERSPEX is repeating a little bit of history this season.
9I WOULD like to use Perspex as a splashback in my kitchen.
5 (ANI): Following the murder of Indian-origin cabbie Hiren Mohini, taxi drivers in Auckland are calling for perspex screens and security cameras to be made compulsory in taxis.
The accident happened at the RSC's Courtyard Theatre in Stratford when a plastic perspex sheet about 30ft tall toppled over and landed on the crew.
Appropriately, a huge model of Lingang, made out of clear perspex blocks, dominated the centre of the exhibition space.