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a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin

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Sleeveless top, pounds 20, TFNC, jeans, pounds 87.50, Peter Golding, PVC studded belt, pounds 12, shimmer belts, pounds 6 each, perspex earrings, pounds 30, and bangles, pounds 8 each, all from Ad Hoc, ankle boots, pounds 54.99, Next (08702 435435)
A total of 120 sheets of perspex are currently on display in the Observatory, Old Haymarket, for six weeks.
The perspex box is hung 30ft off the ground from a crane, which means huge crowds can see inside and the magician can see them.
There were several jokes here, too, such as Gary Webb's Been There, Seen That, Done It, 1999, a blue Perspex winged panel that comes off the wall (with the apparent intention of enveloping the viewer's head) and from which is suspended a toy coffin that shakes and screams "Let me out of here!" if you get too close.
ICI Acrylics makes methacrylates, including the brands Perspex and Lucite, used in applications including paints, baths, sinks and lighting.
The timber roofs are covered in transparent corrugated perspex sheets, which reveal timber construction below, and on the south-west pitches, these cover a strip of micro-bore solar collectors which provide enough heat to run the domestic hot-water system and make some contribution to room heating.
AN ILLUMINATED cherub made out of perspex is to be hoisted on the roof of a restaurant at The Mailbox, in Birmingham city centre.
Practical and visually appealing, Jenifer's perspex and wooden coat hooks look simple yet effective.
Raiders removed a perspex window to get into a room with a drugs trolley.
Her striking work includes acetate collage and pictures made of oil, strips of metal and perspex - she's not afraid to experiment and she achieves an amazing intensity of colour with oil paint on metal.
The Perspex canopy on the pilots cockpit shattered, leaving the officer exposed to temperatures as low as minus 53C as he battled to save the pounds 25 million aircraft.
Overhead, perspex rooflights, stained yellow by time and casting a pleasing gold light over the interior, have been screened by perforated metal pans; and an undulating suspended ceiling panel links the higher volume of the atrium with that of the showroom.