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The latest version offers an upgraded PersonalJava Virtual Machine, which now supports the PersonalJava 1.2 specification as specified in DVB's Multimedia Home Platform definition for Digital TVs.
Kertzman says Java, PersonalJava and Jini will be a "big part of our software platform," and the software already runs on Wind River's VxWorks embedded operating system, among others.
Using Tao's intent Java Technology Edition - a fully SUN-certified implementation of PersonalJava - developers will now also, for the first time according to the partners, be able to design and run advanced Java applications on EPOC.
Future versions of TV Navigator and the embedded eNavigator product will support PersonalJava, according to Liberate.
The Consumer release effectively integrates the PersonalJava subset of Java with Chorus to create an application platform for appliances which use small screens such as screen phones.
Sun emphasizes that JES is complementary to, rather than a replacement for PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava, which are shrunken versions of the Java development kit (JDK) and environments in which to run Java applets, but JES enables a greater variety of applications to be executed remotely, says Sun.
Sun Microsystems Inc says source code for both the PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava subsets of Java will be available for license under the terms of its new community source model this month.
As part of the January 25 roll-out Sun will also describe how it will embed its Jini networked Java solution in PersonalJava and the Chorus-based JavaOS embedded kernel.
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