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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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In the personal workstation industry, one could describe the revenue lost through delayed shipments with a simple revenue model, such as that shown in Figure 5 below (9).
According to an industry-standard application benchmark, APC Pro/ENGINEER, the HP VISUALIZE X-Class Personal Workstation with a 733MHz processor, HP VISUALIZE memory architecture and award-winning HP VISUALIZE fx6+ graphics outpaces competing Intel Pentium III-based systems with the Intel 840 chipset by 19 percent(2).
The Decision Data 1120/SX-01 personal workstation is shipping now.
Reading articles in the History of Personal Workstations (Goldberg, 1988) is the functional equivalent of hearing great technological lectures.
Silicon Graphics, Incorporated has released graphics benchmark data for its new Personal Workstation 320 computers (detailed in last month's CAD Report).
has announced availability of the 1100/25, a personal workstation (PWS) that is ideal for complex applications such as computer-aided engineering (CAE), software development, desktop publishing, office automation, multi-user and data communications applications.
Can be installed on a personal workstation for offline development by a single developer, with seamless integration to other SAP HANA Cloud Platform capabilities
According to International Data Corporation's (IDC) Worldwide Professional Graphics Update 2Q 2003, NVIDIA increased its personal workstation market share to 73% for both 2D and 3D segments.
"Unisys has packaged Microsoft Windows with the MS-DOS operating system on the PW[2] line since 1988," said Armond Newton, vice president of business development, Unisys Personal Workstation Division.
Our experiments utilized among them five different media conditions: one with paper and pencil, two with personal computer, and two with personal workstation. A paper version of each experimental task served as a control; otherwise each experiment employed only one or two of the computer conditions.
"Nextreme RAID, combined with our RAID-enabled host adapter boards, provides HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstation users with high- performance RAID functionality in an area where RAID was previously considered cost prohibitive."
First came the graphics workstation, then the personal computer, and now the so-called personal workstation. It is this latest stage that has high-end PC and workstation vendors slugging it out in the desktop computing market, one destined to fall victim.
An hour lasts 45min.Osiguryavane training materials included information about the theoretical and practical part of the training for each obuchavan.Edin set of training materials for azlozhitelya.Izgotvyane remains of curriculum topics relevant training.Training must be conducted in accordance with international programs in oblastta.Obuchenieto takes place in Sofia, provided by the contractor specialized computer room, with secured personal workstation with computer/ laptop installed with licensed software for each trained to conduct obuchenieto.etc...
Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alto, Calif., the worldwide workstation leader, has introduced the HP VISUALIZE X-Class Personal Workstation, based on the latest Intel 733MHz Pentium III processors.
The CELSIUS 420 is designed as a personal workstation, and is equipped with an Intel Pentium III processor, while the CELSIUS 620 is based on Intel Pentium III 450 and 500MHz processors, and the CELSIUS 630 is a high-end workstation with up to two Intel Pentium III Xeon processors.
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