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income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time

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Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 26(2), 143-159.
Keywords: E-commerce, Personal Selling, 'Double-Eleven' Day, Confucianism
First, NOD is particularly relevant to personal selling because salespeople are so autonomous, where they are often in the field and their actions are typically not directly supervised.
Personal selling involves becoming visible and making the rounds through your organization's halls, visiting other department areas and staff in their personal offices or attending grand rounds.
Basically personal selling is one-to-one communication between seller and prospective purchaser.
Real Estate Marketing: Strategy, Personal Selling, Negotiation, Management, and Ethics
For example, researchers have examined student attitudes towards selling careers (Bellenger, Bernhardt, and Wayman, 1974; Dauner and Johnson, 1979; Karakaya, Quigley, and Bingham, 2011); cross-national investigations of student attitudes towards personal selling (e.
Paul Harrison, UK Procurement Manager at Huntsman Polyurethanes will provide insight into how to access the procurement departments of multinationals, complimented by Sarah Castle of Think Big - an expert in personal selling techniques.
When I co-started my digital agency, I came from a career that told me that my brand development skills were top notch but I lacked in personal selling.
After receiving a call from Bryant University, FSU faculty member Renee Scapparone encouraged students taking her personal selling course to join her at the event.
Promotion, as one of the Four Ps, encompasses personal selling and sales promotion via websites, print advertising, trade shows, direct mail pieces, etc.
First is about the personal selling that is consisted of various characteristics of workers and which has influence on worker-customer interactions [22-23-24-25].
When I teach my undergraduate course on personal selling, I begin the class by asking the students to describe salespeople.
I truly believe people are better than automated algorithms so I wanted to give them a way to add personal selling and personal contact to the online shopping experience.
Creative strategies promote publicity, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion.