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a time unit used in industry for measuring work

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Search effort was therefore 30 person-hours, which is an intensive survey for the area covered.
Parallel transects were used and the median search effort was 14 person-hours (range 14-28 person-hours) per sampling trip.
The snake per-hour observation rate varied from 5.4-19.27 (mean = 9.38), whereas the snake per person-hour observation rate ranged from 2.7-9.0 (mean = 4.71).
I collected 27 live individuals representing 5 species during 47 person-hours of sampling at 28 sites; I also found valves of an additional 20 species, including 5 species listed at the state level in Wisconsin and/or Illinois.
At each site, 1.5 to 3 person-hours were spent hand-searching the substrate for mussels, covering an average of 50 meters of shoreline.
Some of the most common measurements are cases or unit loads per person-hour, orders per person-hour, and order lines per person-hour.
Table 3 also shows person-hour savings in the clinical setting.
In manufacturing as a whole output per person-hour worked in France was estimated at 31 per cent above the level in the United Kingdom in 1984.
in that case, output per person-hour in other services' rose rather more rapidly than shown in table 1 0, and output per person-hour somewhere else rose correspondingly less rapidly.
During aquatic surveys seines yielded a mean of 3.7 species per site and 45.0 animals per person-hour, dip-nets yielded a mean of 4.9 species per site and 17.4 animals per person-hour, and minnow traps yielded a mean of 3.0 species per site and 2.4 animals per trap-day.
It presents comparisons of output per person-hour worked in manufacturing branches of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which are derived from information collected in each country's census of production.
On an average day when 400 orders are processed at the crib, that translates into a 100 person-hour savings.
1) the subject of the order is the provision of support and development services of the integrated it system supporting university management based on sap software, hereinafter referred to as the system, in a total number of up to 120 man-days during the term of the contract (1 person-hour = 8 business hours)
The sponsor expects to train approximately 42,900 person-hours, ie a total of approximately 538 training days with a maximum of 12 persons per course.
Vacuum cleaners reduced the amount of person-hours required to clean floors compared to people using brooms and dustpans.