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a time unit used in industry for measuring work

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For 13 September, seven individuals searched for two hours for 14 person-hours.
In 2008, the number of snakes observed during one survey was nearly double that of the other, and the snake observation rate differed by nearly three snakes per person-hour (Table 1).
A total of 16,920 person-hours were expended to conduct 345 first-dose clinics and 277 second-dose clinics (Table 1).
I collected 27 live individuals representing 5 species during 47 person-hours of sampling at 28 sites; I also found valves of an additional 20 species, including 5 species listed at the state level in Wisconsin and/or Illinois.
5 to 3 person-hours were spent hand-searching the substrate for mussels, covering an average of 50 meters of shoreline.
Some of the most common measurements are cases or unit loads per person-hour, orders per person-hour, and order lines per person-hour.
Table 3 also shows person-hour savings in the clinical setting.
In manufacturing as a whole output per person-hour worked in France was estimated at 31 per cent above the level in the United Kingdom in 1984.
Effort was measured as the number of person-hours spent using each method.
It shows the calculations of output per person-hour worked in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in 1984 for total manufacturing and for 16 constituent groups of industries (`branches').
On an average day when 400 orders are processed at the crib, that translates into a 100 person-hour savings.
housing for persons with disabilities and day service supply (about 21 mentally handicapped person-hour long-term housing assistance, and an approximately 6-seater supported housing services.
The County intends to contract with the selected offeror for this work to be done on a "requirements" (as needed) basis, at an all-inclusive fixed unit price (in terms of dollars per person-hour of counting, dollars per day, or dollars per count, as specified for each type of count).
The contracting authority assumes training of about 61 344 person-hours, The maximum number of persons per one course is set at 12.