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a time unit used in industry for measuring work

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3 per 100,000 person years among the historical counterparts, a difference of 7.
There were 53 HW seroconversions during the 5,161 person years of follow-up: an incidence of 0.
9 per 100 person years and on three or more drugs the highest rate recorded was 3.
More than 10,000 person years will be required for the construction of the mill.
Over the life of the construction project, 20 000 person years of employment will be created, both as a direct result of the construction as well as general economic uplift in the community.
But the researchers noted that in absolute terms, the risks are low - up to 137 extra cases per 100,000 person years.
Based on over 40 person years of extensive best practices research and development into winemaking, production, and regulatory best practices, WinePRO is designed to help the wine industry manage their wine product planning, enable cost driven winemaking, increase real-time enterprise visibility, and enable full traceability from "bottle-to-vine.
These direct jobs will create a multiplier effect in the local economy, which is anticipated to generate over 20,000 person years of indirect employment over the construction period.
They found an incidence rate of 8 per 10 000 person-years for serious liver disease in people with newly diagnosed diabetes compared to a rate of 4 per 10 000 person years among non-diabetic controls.
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