Persian Gulf War

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a war fought between Iraq and a coalition led by the United States that freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders


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Schwarzkopf, with the physique of a Brahma bull and the eyes of an ancient conqueror - his hero as a West Point cadet was Alexander the Great - ended up retiring from the military and public life as his fame began to fade and as critics second-guessed his oversight of the Persian Gulf War.
CUTLINE: The Gulf War Memorial honors those who have served in the Persian Gulf War and the ongoing Global War on Terrorism.
The Persian Gulf War was marked by a clarity and purpose that the Vietnam War era lacked.
Night vision goggles from George 41's Persian Gulf War are now widely used to hunt deer after dark in Wisconsin.
Of particular note are her investigations into the environmental health effects of the Midwestern floods of 1993, the revamping of the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts, and the health consequences to soldiers who served in the Persian Gulf War.
The Air Force has hired a $300,000 environmental consultant and has put in charge of the trees a civil engineer and reservist who deployed troops from Andrews for the Persian Gulf War.
A mysterious and controversial illness said to afflict many veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf War may often stem from mood and anxiety disorders rather than wartime exposure to infectious agents or toxins, a new study finds.
troops flown to the 1992 Persian Gulf war arrived on commercial airliners that were readily available for Pentagon leasing.
Researchers in the Iowa Persian Gulf War Study developed a telephone survey to determine the frequency and type of health complaints reported by veterans serving in the Gulf War region and to compare these rates of illnesses with military personnel serving outside of the Gulf War region.
have compiled an anthology which addresses and examines the role of the United States in the Persian Gulf War.
As many as 700,000 American soldiers served in the 1991 Persian Gulf war, but it wasn't until last year that the Pentagon finally admitted that some of those servicemen and women may have been exposed to chemical weapons.
From the Crusades to the Persian Gulf War and from Joshua to modern Israel, we find a common pattern that yields an operational definition of a Judeo Christian ethic: it is no vice to kill Arabs.
A larger merchandise trade deficit and the end of one-time cash contributions by foreign governments associated with the Persian Gulf War accounted for most of the change.
Both the large and varied international representation and the numerous local accountants attending gave generally high marks for the organization and content of the conference--which had originally been scheduled for November 1990 but was postponed because of the Persian Gulf War.
Pictorial coverage of employee involvement in the Persian Gulf War continues to flow across my desk.