Persian Gulf War

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a war fought between Iraq and a coalition led by the United States that freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders


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The 1991 Persian Gulf War has always held an element of attraction for me.
Twenty-six names appear on the section for the Persian Gulf War and 35 names have been etched on the section for the Global War on Terrorism.
One substance unique to combat since the first Persian Gulf War, and on the radar screens of at least 20 states in 2007, is depleted uranium.
The Post said the number is 10 times the estimated number of contractors that deployed during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, reflecting the military's growing reliance on contractors to replace soldiers in such jobs as providing security, interrogating prisoners, cooking meals, fixing equipment and constructing bases.
ackee and saltfish, Afro-Caribbean, bangers and mash, curry houses, the Persian Gulf war, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Protestant, Oueen Elizabeth II, Ramadan, Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim, the Vietnam War, World War II
Stephen Feinstein's The 1990s: From The Persian Gulf War To Y2K (0766026396, $20.95) has been revised to provide grades 5 and older with a blend of color and black and white illustrations and a lively survey of major events and issues of the times.
Applying Erikson, Kohlberg, and Purkey and Schmidt's theories of development to adolescent groups who experienced World War II, the Vietnam War, or the Persian Gulf War facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of those adolescents whose schemes of war have been shaped by the War in Iraq.
On February 27, 1991, 100 hours after the Operation Desert Storm ground offensive began, the elder President Bush announced that the allied forces had won an overwhelming military victory in the Persian Gulf War and would immediately suspend all offensive combat operations.
And in 1992 Britain's official artist for the Persian Gulf war, John Keane, got in trouble for his painting depicting Mickey on what looks like a toilet with a shopping cart of anti-tank missiles nearby and a background of shattered palm trees.
The field is named after Captain Mario Fajardo, a hero soldier who died in the Persian Gulf War. Marshall noted that a synthetic surface is both safer and less expensive to maintain than natural grass.
military deaths in the war in Afghanistan, 135 deaths in the Persian Gulf War from 1990 to 1991, 58,209 deaths in Vietnam from 1955 to 1975, 36,574 deaths in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, 405,399 deaths in World War II and 116,516 deaths in World War II.
Houses artifacts of Illinois National Guard from War of 1812 through Persian Gulf War.
During the Persian Gulf War more than a decade ago, many crated goods shipped to Kuwait had to first be opened to determine what they contained before being sent to front-line units.
Haley first described the Persian Gulf War syndrome in a series of papers published in January 1997 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.