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Based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, MBC Group includes 6 television channels: mbc1 (general family entertainment), MBC2 (24-hour movies), MBC3 (childrenCOs entertainment), MBC4 (entertainment for new Arab women), MBC Action (action series and movies), MBC Persia (24 hour movies subtitled in Farsi) and Al Arabiya (the 24-hour Arabic language news channel); two radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music), and panorama fm (contemporary Arabic hit music); as well as O3 productions, a specialized documentary production unit, and Middle East News agency (MEN).
It was with those pictures in mind that we decided to go to A Taste of Persia in Newcastle.
Traditionally only the shah, or monarch, and his senior ministers had exercised real influence, but by 1908 Persia was in the midst of a 'Constitutional Revolution'.
Moreover, that in Athens itself, on this occasion as well as later, Persia had its own sympathizers and collaborators, the so-called Medizers--among them the Alcmeonids family, which occupied many important state functions, and produced two of Athens' most illustrious political figures, Cleisthenes, the architect of the Athenian Democracy (who, incidentally, had given earth and water to the Persians in 507 BCE) and Pericles, whose age is a byword for the Golden Age of Athens.
728-550 BC Persia becomes the first "superpower", building the biggest empire the world had seen, covering most of modern Turkey and Egypt.
Filled with observations of the wayside sights common to any journey in a distant land, it also contains a great deal of pertinent and discriminating analysis of the things that made Persia and Britain both alike and dissimilar.
If you're new to Prince of Persia, prepare to have you breath taken away.
THE Prince of Persia is back in a dazzling new thrill-a-minute adventure - and we're offering you the chance to play it on your own Widescreen TV and Xbox.
by Persia Walker Simon & Schuster, June 2002 $22.
Browne, A Year Amongst the Persians: Impressions as to the Life, Character and Thought of the People of Persia, Century Publishing Co.
Rabbis in Persia enjoyed a more stable, hierarchical, somewhat insulated existence.
In the future, consulting this renowned medical scientist will no longer require trekking throughout Persia.
King Artaxerxes of Persia gave documents to his servant Nehemiah in 455 B.
The seriousness of this problem can be understood if only we recall that the Arab Islamic conquest not only introduced to human society a new religious, political, linguistic, literary, and ethnic culture but also challenged the great neighboring empires of Byzantium and Persia and the prevailing established religions, namely, Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, as well as paganism.