Persea borbonia

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small tree of southern United States having dark red heartwood

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grandiflora, Quercus hemisphaerica, Persea borbonia, Carya glabra, Ilex
Persea borbonia (red bay, Lauraceae) reaches a height of 40
Florida are Magnolia grandiflora, Persea borbonia and Ilex opaca.
L Pa Dade * Dade Pa X Dade Pa X Dade Pa Dade Pa X Plant species: Pa = Persea americana; Pp = Persea palustris; Pb = Persea borbonia Florida Counties: Dade = Miami-Dade County; High = Highlands County; IR = Indian River County; St.
Two examples of gallery patterns excavated by female Xyleborus glabratus in redbay, Persea borbonia.
Gray (Aquifoliales: Aquifoliaceae), Darrow's blueberry Vaccinium darrowii Camp (Ericales: Ericaceae), and redbay, Persea borbonia (L.
Florida, during a survey for predators of the avocado lace bug, Pseudacysta perseae (Heidemann), a native pest of avocados, Persea americana , and redbay, Persea borbonia, in the USA.