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During the initial sessions in the first year, the participants examined some animations created by the research team with examples of two problem-based lessons about perpendicular bisectors. The animations illustrated students' work and teaching actions for using students' prior knowledge in those lessons (Gonzalez & DeJarnette, 2016).
Since Q lies on the perpendicular bisector of [bar.PU], therefore [bar.PQ]= [bar.QU] and <PSQ = <QSU = [[theta].sub.k]/4.
After that the mobile beacon can estimate the line AC as the chord of the attacker's communication area and the attacker should lie on the perpendicular bisector of AC; that is, the location of the attacker should be (([x.sub.A] + [x.sub.C])/2, ([y.sub.A] + [y.sub.C])/2 - [square root of ([R.sup.2] - [([x.sub.A] - [x.sub.C]).sup.2]/4))] or (([x.sub.A] + [x.sub.C])/2, ([y.sub.A] + [y.sub.C])/2 + [square root of ([R.sup.2] - [([x.sub.A] - [x.sub.C]).sup.2]/4))].
The situation illustrated in Figure 1, when constructed (and dragged) in Sketchpad (Figure 2) demonstrates that the bisector of angle A and the perpendicular bisector of BC can never intersect in a single interior point.
The primary objective of this exploration is to familiarise the students with the concepts of the perpendicular bisector. To understand its defining characteristics in greater depth we study them in Euclidean geometry and in a particular non-Euclidean geometry system known as 'taxicab geometry'.
The perpendicular bisector of AV meets OV in I, which must be the circum-centre of ABCV--why?
For instance, the points equidistant from two points A and B are on the perpendicular bisector of the segment AB.
Draw a vertical line segment CD and construct its perpendicular bisector. Place a point F on the perpendicular bisector.
For example, if we trace all of the points P which are the same distance from two fixed points A and B, as shown above, we find that all the possible positions of P lie on the perpendicular bisector of AB.
How can we find a perpendicular bisector? An angle bisector?"), and the success rate is high.