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Argentine soldier who became president of Argentina (1895-1974)

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It is ironic that Trump rails against Latino immigrants given that his campaign seems to mirror those of Latin America's Peronists, believing in the strongman above any set of ideas.
Within the realm of political theater, Menem replicated the hallmark stylistics of Peronist politics.
Macri promised to battle corruption and restore the judiciary's independence which opponents of the Peronist movement say waned during Fernandez's leadership.
Because the results were much closer than pre-election polls predicted, Macri does not have the momentum that a landslide victory would have produced, and the Peronist opposition may bounce back quickly to block significant reforms.
Weaning Argentina from its decades-long habit of spending more than it earns will require deftness, because Peronists and other opposition parties that dominate Congress are likely to stand in the way of reforms.
Macri's honeymoon is likely to be brief; the Peronist opposition, having rid itself of the Kirchners, will not hesitate to attack the new administration.
Francis grew up around the rancid political culture of Peronist populism, the sterile redistribution that has reduced his Argentina from the world's 14th highest per-capita gross domestic product in 1900 to 63rd today," wrote Washington Post columnist George Will.
That very same year, this writer, marginalized from both intellectual and Jewish circles, was invited by Jacobo Timerman to contribute to his daily La Opinion, an act that allows us to trace the genealogy of Peronist Jews all the way to the present.
This paper covers the symbolic impact of historical Peronism, one of the most iconic political movements of Argentina (1), in the border region of Nahuel Huapi, based on Peronist modifications on the city of Bariloche's economic practices and on the responses generated in the city.
of the Peronist Party (Corrientes) said: "We condemn the Israeli offensive on
The author states that the working classes had participated in the consumer market in the past, that labor laws protecting workers' rights were originally formulated by the Socialist Party, and that two of the most emblematic manufacturing enterprises of the period, Alpargatas and SIAM were founded in 1885 and 1911 respectively, thus predating Peronist efforts at industrialization.
Eleven, Argentina was an investment basket under its Peronist government, with chronic inflation, sovereign debt defaults, capital and price controls and arbitrary expropriation.
Learn about the Peronist era on an included 'Evita' tour ?
It is an expose reconstructing the 1956 extra-judicial execution of five Peronist activists suspected of planning a coup against Argentina's military junta.
Healey has written a complex and informative book about the Peronist movement in the city of San Juan, Argentina, and in the eponymous province of which it is the capital.