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TIME Compact shrub Pernettya, or wintertime, produces BERRIES in pink, lilac, white and red, which birds rarely touch.
RED ALERT: Cotoneaster horizontalis FRESH: Euonymus fortunei NATURE'S RESERVE: Ground cover gives shelter and food PURPLE REIGN: Pernettya also known as Wintertime and Prickly Heath
mucronata, sometimes still called Pernettya, with white, pink or red berries at this time of year and, providing that you can offer the plants an acid compost or soil, they will give a fruity display for years to come.
Other groups that receive strong support include a dade containing Tepuia, Diplycosia, Gaultheria, and Pernettya (100% parjac) and Therorhodion as sister to Rhododendron + Menziesia + Diplarche.
Or you could go for a bay tree and for fruiting plants there's pernettya and gaultheria.
WINTERTIME Compact shrub Pernettya, or wintertime, produces berries in pink, lilac, white and red, which birds rarely touch.
QI've just bought a pernettya bush with glorious pink berries.
PLANT a few inexpensive winter interest plants in an unused summer container - perhaps winter-flowering heathers, pansies, bellis or pernettya - they will create a display you can really enjoy over the next few months.
A particularly weedy species in the high-elevation paramo, Pernettya prostrata, is resistant to trampling by cattle and is a successional species in heavily grazed areas.
Berry inviting Pernettya is a dwarf evergreen shrub with shiny leaves and the most spectacular berries, which last from late summer well into spring.
A I love pernettya, a deep berry coloured shrub that grows up to 4ft.
Dioecious species are included in the dicot genera Coprosma, Fagara, Pernettya, and Robinsonia; Juania is the only dioecious monocot in the archipelago.
Berrying plants Pernettya is a big favourite of mine.
USE ornamental grasses such as the Japanese blood grass with the seasonal blooms of dwarf asters and ground-hugging Pernettya, which has jewel-like berries, to make dazzling displays to decorate your doorstep through the winter months.
Try violas, pansies, primroses, spring- flowering heathers and pernettya.