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a port city of northeastern Brazil on the Atlantic

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Another Pernambucan, Michele Nascimento-Kettner, Scott Kettner's wife, lives permanently in the United States, but spends her vacations in Pernambuco each year and claims that her longing (saudade) for Brazil is an issue she can deal with in her life, as "Brazil is inside of me.
Apesar dos danos provocados por nove anos de combates e campanhas nos campos da capitania (1645-1654), a producao acucareira continuou a ser o esteio da atividade economica em Pernambuco nos 40 anos que se seguem as guerras holandesas.
Mr Maurico Rands, who represents the Pernambuco Governor, told the Gazette his visit had already had a major impact, with plans for Teesport to be twinned with the main Pernambuco port.
The area is already drawing attention for the construction of a new stadium for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Pernambuco State is targeting the establishment of a next generation smart city that offers an entertainment district with residents business and R&D facilities, an University, Hotels and Shopping Mall in order to provide a self-sustainable environment after the World Cup.
Como puede observarse, se trata de un libro polemico, ya que pone en jaque valores cultivados durante siglos, nunca antes cuestionados por los creyentes, pero que, a partir de su lectura, pueden traer a la superficie reflexiones acerca de la manipulacion de los poderes constituidos y sus oscuros objetivos; estos, ya en esa epoca, incluian la vigilancia de las tierras mas prosperas de la Colonia, sobre todo las capitanias de Bahia y Pernambuco, y el sosten y la expansion de la fe catolica con la persecucion de los cristianos-nuevos, sirviendo asi la Inquisicion de instrumento de politica colonial disfrazada de combate a los crimenes contra la fe (sincretismo y practicas judaizantes) y contra la moral (sodomia y practicas homosexuales).
Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat, said, 'The plant to be built in the state of Pernambuco represents a very important step for Fiat in strengthening its international presence.
The floods in the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco have killed at least 51 people and devastated many towns that were struck by torrents of water from burst river dams.
Isolados provenientes dos Municipios de Aldeia e Paulista, no Estado de Pernambuco, apresentaram perfis de bandas similares a isolados coletados nos Municipios de Fortaleza e Guaramiranga, no Estado do Ceara, distantes cerca de 800km.
In the same perspective, we have gazed at the Northeast Region of Brazil, more specifically, the state of Pernambuco, which, in recent years, has shown a process of accelerated economic growth.
The reports quoted the state of Pernambuco as declaring a state of emergency in 14 cities affected by heavy rains in recent days.
Considerando que as praticas voltadas para a utilizacao das tecnologias da informacao e comunicacao ja constituem um novo dispositivo em favor do profissional da Fonoaudiologia, no ambito da APS, o presente estudo teve como objetivo descrever a experiencia da implantacao e o nivel de satisfacao dos usuarios sobre as acoes de tele-educacao relacionadas a saude da comunicacao humana no Estado de Pernambuco.
No estado de Pernambuco, o controle interno passa a ser realizado pelo Componente Estadual de Auditoria em Saude (CEA/SUS), criado por meio do Decreto no 20.
To assess the possibility of clinical presentations that do not include congenital microcephaly, a retrospective assessment of 13 infants from the Brazilian states of Pernambuco and Ceara with normal head size at birth and laboratory evidence of congenital Zika virus infection was conducted.
This study aimed to investigate the occurrence of pesticides in the eastern portion of the Ipojuca River basin, in Pernambuco, since the diagnosis of use of these compounds in sugarcane cultivation is a primordial tool for an adequate management of agricultural activities, also serving as support for the processes of evaluation of the environmental quality of the water from the Ipojuca River.