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Synonyms for deacon

a Protestant layman who assists the minister

a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches

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Vincent dePaul Professor of Psychology at DePaul University, Chicago, and Permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Joliet, IL.
Globally, there are over 37,000 Roman Catholic permanent deacons (Weaver, 2010), and an estimated 17,325 deacons reside in the U.
The Catholic permanent deacon lives in the community he serves (often for many years), and he knows the importance of serving parish members with love and emotional healing.
While permanent deacons and their wives, professional lay ministers, women religious, and non-Hispanic priests provide vital leadership--and fostering such religious vocations remains imperative--grassroots Hispanic Catholic lay leaders are the most abundant resource for Hispanic ministry.
Today Grossnickle, 64, is a permanent deacon who devotes a large part of his ministry to helping former athletes who have been paralyzed by severe spinal cord injuries.
If the permanent deacon is configured to Christ via the sacramental graces and character of holy orders and shares in this charism with the bishop and priests, just what is the diaconate's precise scope, and how does it differ from the way that the priest and bishop are configured to Christ?
When you ordain a man a permanent deacon today, there's no expectation that he would become a priest.
14, 2002, he was ordained a permanent deacon, the same day that the Vatican launched formal proceedings to beatify Cardinal Newman.
Deacon William Orazio Gallerizzo is a permanent deacon incardinated with the archdiocese of Washington, D.
It turns out they'd had a dustup at the funeral of a permanent deacon just that week.
He was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Diocese of Worcester in 1981, serving several parishes in Worcester County.
Besides that gentle correction to well-meaning parishioners, Stoltz also uses the first five minutes of new baptism classes he leads to explain to his captive audience what a permanent deacon like himself does.
Paul's Cathedral, Worcester, as a Permanent Deacon by the Bishop.
Deacon Richard Tolcher, a permanent deacon since 1987, is coordinator of the Atlanta archdiocese's Prison and Jail Ministry.
The diaconate class also includes Anthony Xatse, the first African to become a permanent deacon for the Worcester Diocese.
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