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Determination of membrane reserve of Periplaneta americana and Blaberus craniifer's hemocytes and study of hyposmotic load's influence on cell volume.
Periplaneta japonica has special powers not seen in the local roach population; it can survive outdoors in the freezing cold.
Specific IgE responses have been reported to all three of the major cockroach species seen around the world--Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana and the Oriental cockroach.
FA profiles have been documented for a taxonomic array of insects, but changes in FA composition of individual body segments have been addressed for comparatively few species such as Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus) (Blattaria: Blattidae) (Jurenka et al.
In laboratory experiments with other peridomestic cockroaches, Appel and Smith (1996) found that Periplaneta spp.
Weekly, Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus 1758) nymphs were offered as food.
The following battery of 24 aeroallergens common in Mexico City was used: Aspergillus fumigatus, Alternaria, Mucor, Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Penicillium, cat, dog, horse, Dermatophagoides (pteronyssinus and farina), Ambrosia, Artemisa ludoviciana, Cynodon dactylon, Chenopodium album, Quercus, Fraxinus, Helianthus, Ligustrum vulgare, Lolium perenne, Plantago lanceolata, Rumex crispus, Schinus molle, Salsola, and Phleum pratense.
The neuroinsecticidial activity of eugenol was demonstrated on Periplaneta americana by Enan (2001).
Going under the name periplaneta australasiae, Cocky said: "If I upset Jenny with my hairy legs and long antennae, I'm sorry.
However, thorough as ever, we checked it out, and it was in fact the common American cockroach, or the Periplaneta Americana, as all you entomologists know it.
22 Diptera Muscidae Fannia scalaris 25 Hymenoptera Sphecidae * 30 Hymenoptera Vespidae * 30 Hymenoptera Vespidae Vespula maculifrons 30 Coleoptera Curculionidae Diaprepes 30 abbreviates ** Coleoptera Dermestidae Dermestes ater 30 Blattodea Blattidae Periplaneta 30 americana ** Blattodea Blattidae Blatta orientalis ** 30 Blattodea Blattidae * 30 Diptera Muscidae Fannia 37 Diptera Psychodidae * 44 Spring 2010--Raccoon Hymenoptera Formicidae Solenopsis invicta 1-3,11,14 -15,17-18 Diptera Muscidae Hydrotaea leucostoma 2-4,8 Diptera Muscidae Synthesiomyia nudiseta 2-3 Diptera Calliphoridae Phormia regina 3-4,7-11 Diptera Phoridae Megaselia scalaris 3 Diptera Calliphoridae Lucilia coeruleiviridis 4,8 Diptera Ulidiidae Chaetopsis spp.
A 61 kDa antimicrobial protein isolated and purified from the hemolymph of the American cockroach Periplaneta americana.
They were fed adult Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus 1758) once every 15 days.
Periplaneta americana is the predominant cockroach (CR) species and a major source of indoor allergens in Thailand.