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Synonyms for smear

Synonyms for smear

to spread with a greasy, sticky, or dirty substance

a discolored mark made by smearing

an attempt to destroy someone's reputation

Synonyms for smear

a thin tissue or blood sample spread on a glass slide and stained for cytologic examination and diagnosis under a microscope

an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

stain by smearing or daubing with a dirty substance

make a smudge on

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cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it


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Of concern is that among the common reasons for the work-up being judged incomplete was the absence of peripheral blood smear review, which was omitted in ~20% of patients.
Patients with S/C disease have mild anemia and distinctive peripheral blood smears with target cells, "boat-shaped" cells, and S/C poikilocytes.
Obtain CBCs, including platelet counts and peripheral blood smears, weekly during the dose adjustment phase of therapy with PROMACTA and then monthly following establishment of a stable dose of PROMACTA.
Review of peripheral blood smear reveals numerous schistocytes.
Traditionally, morphological examination of the peripheral blood smear has been performed by manual use of a microscope.
Malaria infection in pregnant women in south-eastern Nigeria using peripheral blood smear, placental blood smear and placental histology.
Herein we present 2 siblings with generalized ichthyosiform erythroderma that were diagnosed as CDS based on observation of lipid vacuoles in neutrophils in peripheral blood smear evaluation.
Also, it is easy for a clinician to access peripheral blood smear tests, which can supplement morphologic review, in large hospitals if hematologic abnormality is clinically suspected.
Direct Coombs test results were negative in the case patient; however, a peripheral blood smear revealed bite cells, which are indicative of oxidative damage to Hb (Fig.
Very basic and important parameters like haemoglobin (Hb), total leucoyte count (TLC), reticulocyte count and peripheral blood smear (PBS) were included in the analysis.
This report describes a case of recurrence of TTP in the absence of schistocytes in the peripheral blood smear during the recurrent episode.
The peripheral blood smear should always be examined in patients with an unexplained anemia.
Similar studies have been published looking at histology (5) and peripheral blood smear reviews.
During testing for thrombocytopenia, a peripheral blood smear was obtained on hospital day 1 and showed ring forms with tetrads (Figure) and a parasitemia level of 10%.
Of the HIV-positive patients, 42% showed dysplasia; no dysplasia was noted in the peripheral blood smear of HIV-negative patients (Table 3).
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