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an inflammation of body tissue (especially that below the skin) characterized by fever and swelling and redness and pain

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Predictors for admission of children with periorbital cellulitis presenting to the pediatric emergency department.
Watery discharge and periorbital cellulitis were observed in 17 workers.
Subsequently, recurrent abscesses and cellulitis developed in the boy's father's legs, and his mother had severe periorbital cellulitis that required hospitalization and surgical drainage.
Three of the 43 patients also had other associated complications: one patient with periorbital cellulitis had meningitis, one patient with a subperiosteal abscess had an associated epidural abscess, and one patient with an orbital abscess was blind.
3) Periorbital cellulitis or abscesses generally result from chronic upper respiratory tract infection and sinusitis, commonly caused by mycobacteriosis or mycoplasmosis in galliform species.
Acute bacterial sinusitis in children can be complicated by orbital or periorbital cellulitis, and epidural, subdural, or brain abscesses.