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(chemistry) a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic law

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We believe that by combining known principles of ligand-field theory with new insights into organocatalysis and organo-metallic catalysis, the question of whether intermediary metabolism is a deterministic emergence from the periodic table of the elements can be systematically addressed in a series of laboratory experiments.
discovery of the periodic table of the elements in the late 1800s.
By bitstream osmosis, I'd assimilated the fact that somewhere "out there" was an interactive periodic table of the elements and that clicking on the individual elements would display all the relevant information about them.
Complementing the text, the Appendix of the Dictionary contains a listing of industry-related associations and organizations, standard abbreviations, metric conversion charts, SI Units, a temperature conversion chart, and the Periodic Table of the Elements.
He had prepared what is now called the periodic table of the elements.
The group also recommended including a prominent display of the periodic table of the elements, with the radioactive elements underfoot pointed out.
Maybe as we explain how to read the table on all its different levels, they'll whistle (or whatever) in real admiration-staggered at all we human beings have managed to pack into our periodic table of the elements.
It's at the edge of the periodic table of the elements.
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