perforated eardrum

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an eardrum with a hole or tear in it

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Perforation of the eardrum was much more common in the age before antibiotic drugs became widely available.
Commercially made ear-drying drops are available but should be avoided with active infection, perforation of the eardrum or in children with tympanostomy tubes.
A perforation of the eardrum, barotrauma or haemotympanum due to trauma, sudden shock waves or inadequate equalisation often leads to a blocked ear.
Any loss of hearing should be investigated as a medical condition because it may be due to serious or correctable problems such as perforation of the eardrum, infection, or even tumor in rare cases.
Using a cotton bud often pushes more wax deeper into the ear and in some cases can cause infection and even perforation of the eardrum. Any excess wax can usually be softened with olive oil and will flow out naturally.