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genus of tropical American shrubby trees and woody climbers having slender branches with broad flat leaves and large panicles of flowers

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Correlated evolution of stem and leaf hydraulic traits in Pereskia (Cactaceae).
have only ordinary fibrous wood, similar to Pereskia, with no apparent specialization" (p.
venezuelensis Britton & Rose [125] Pereskia aculeata Mill.
Each tribe of Cactoideae was represented by two to eight genera for which anatomical information is available (Tabl e II), and Pereskia was used as outgroup.
This behavior has also been observed sporadically in Pereskia (Mauseth & Landrum, 1997); however, in origin these taxa possess one layer of epidermis and should be coded as a different character, one that is not homologous to the multiple epidermis.