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Synonyms for peregrine

a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry


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A national study has found peregrine falcons attack their prey on the wing as if they were air-to-air guided missiles.
Described as the fastest flying bird, the peregrine falcon is a raptor and able to dive at 200 miles per hour.
A PAIR of peregrine falcon chicks have just hatched - in the perhaps unlikely setting of Cardiff city centre.
Sightings of peregrine falcons in central Texas during any season are uncommon while midsummer sightings are considered highly unusual.
We had three specific objectives: 1) to determine whether Peregrine Falcons nested in the drainage; 2) to compare the current numbers, species composition, and distribution of diurnal cliff-nesting raptors with findings from the earlier surveys; and 3) to identify parameters that characterize raptor distribution along the Ungalik River using Geographic Information System (GIS) analyses.
Reg said peregrine falcon numbers were making a good recovery from near extinction about 30 years ago following persecution and breeding failures due to the use of the pesticide DDT on farmland.
As a species, peregrine falcons are both charismatic and embattled.
In the late 1970s, the Endangered Species Office, Alaska Region, USFWS, along with other federal and state agencies, initiated a survey program for Peregrine Falcons (F.
Wings for My Flight: The Peregrine Falcons of Chimney Rock, Updated Edition
Sgt Rob Taylor, Rural Crime Team manager, said: "is is the second suspicious death of peregrine falcons in just a few months in North Wales.
FOUR peregrine falcons found dead in their nest on a steep climay have been deliberately poisoned.
Picture Book / Peregrine Falcons / Birds / Pesticides
Color illustrations of Harriet and her surroundings merge with actual photographs of peregrine falcons and chicks in the Cincinnati area.
The release which was carried out through May 16 to 18 of this year included a total number of 46 Peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) and 47 Saker falcons (Falco cherrug) which were released in Kurchum, eastern Kazakhstan, for the fifth consecutive year.