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Synonyms for peregrine

a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry


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A PEREGRINE falcon which calls Cardiff City Hall's watchtower home has had to be rescued by the RSPCA.
He and a rotating cast of biologists have kept that schedule ever since, floating a 165-mile stretch of the Yukon River to survey peregrine falcons and hatchlings.
Viewers and guests will learn how biologists use alphanumeric bands to study peregrine falcons as they migrate, pair with other peregrines and set up breeding territories.
e female peregrine falcon died in a quarry in Penmaenmawr in June.
BIRMINGHAM'S 500 feet BT tower has welcomed a high-flying newcomer - a peregrine falcon chick.
Pigeon fanciers have in the past been accused of targeting peregrine falcons for killing their birds.
Out of the 93 falcons, 5 Peregrine falcons and 5 Saker falcons were fitted with solar battery-powered satellite transmitters to monitor their flight paths and to gather scientific data about their survival rates.
The reason behind this method is to attract and kill birds of prey and in particular peregrine falcons that are nesting in the area".
Thanks to a combination of factors and the hard work of bird lovers and scientists, peregrine falcons are once again common across the U.
Survival, recruitment, and rate of population change of Peregrine Falcons in Colorado, 1963-2004.
WILDLIFE crime officers have arrested a pigeon fancier from Sunderland as part of national operation clamping down on crimes against peregrine falcons.
PIGEON fanciers are suspected of poisoning rare peregrine falcons who are preying on their birds, the RSPB have claimed.
Peregrine falcons are rare winter visitors to Hong Kong, while the black-headed gull is a common visitor.
By 1975, Cornell researchers had bred enough peregrine falcons in captivity to begin releasing them into the wild, where they could rebuild populations eradicated by DOT.
TWO rare peregrine falcons have been poisoned, days after four goshawks and a buzzard were found dead.