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traveling or wandering around

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This classic deployment of peregrinatio vitae further contains didactic objectives commensurate with post-Tridentine Hispanic literature.
16) For the universities visited by Frisian students during their peregrinatio academica, see the statistics in Zijlstra, 19-59.
V, 37, 107), peregrinatio is just a "journey" for Tertullian (De carne Christi, VII, 7).
47) Such multiple foundations are quite characteristic of Celtic saints, for whom the idea of peregrinatio had something of the force of an apostolic calling.
In the first edition of the Paraphrase on Acts, Erasmus included a preface that he entitled Peregrinatio apostolorum Petri et Pauli cum ratione temporum (The Travels of the Apostles Peter and Paul with a Chronology).
28 An example of this divine guidance can be found in the fifth-century stories associated with Paphnutiana in the Peregrinatio Paphnutiana, preserved in Coptic, Greek, and Ethiopic recensions.
A nivel estructural, la Vita Christi se puede dividir en tres momentos principales teniendo como punto culminante de su vida publica la transfiguracion de Cristo, como el bautismo fue su inicio y la ascension su fin, y que se enmarcan dentro del marco narrativo de la peregrinatio vitae.
49) See Peregrinatio Egeriae 45, in Egeria's Travels, ed.
Some helpful information is given on questions of terminology: Augustine's famous definition of the City as a magnum opus et arduum is hinting less at the length of the work, about which Augustine himself was not clear for a long time while writing (73), than at the difficulty of its task (67); peregrinatio, a central concept of Augustine's theological thinking, is to be understood in its legal sense of "being alien" rather then "pilgrimage" (68); procursus is the "course" or "progress" the two cities are making in human history as described in City 15-18 (69 n.
In the notes to `The Seafarer' Orton's 1991 article is quoted approvingly, and brief reference is made to Whitelock's peregrinatio theory and the effect it has had on subsequent criticism.
Enfin, le voyage romantique tire aussi ses accents proprement litteraires de la symbolique profonde de la peregrinatio, dans l'histoire de l'Occident.
Erasmus describes one of the dangers involved in the crossing (getting robbed by sailors) in the colloquy Peregrinatio, ASD, 1,3:491, lines 776-96.
patiently pursues, not Augustine's theory of the imagination, but his complex use of three central image-clusters: omnia, a model of the spiritual and corporeal universe as "a structured hierarchy of all things"; peregrinatio animae, the wayfaring soul, as exemplified by the Prodigal and Odysseus; and fovere, God's providential care for the soul in transit.
Hermann Kirchner concluded his "Oratio XVII" ("Italica peregrinatio fructuosissima") with an excited exhortation to leave: "Ibimus itaque, commilitones suavissimi, ibimus nulla amplius mora interclusi, in Italiam