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plantain of Mediterranean regions whose seeds swell and become gelatinous when moist and are used as a mild laxative

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Instead, only the excess amounts over the Federal perdiem limit should be treated as wages.
The reforms included: (1) for HHAs, an interim payment system, which began in October 1997, followed by a prospective payment system, based on 60-day episodes, which was fully implemented in October 2000; (2) for SNFs, a perdiem prospective payment system implemented in July 1998 with a three-year transition period; and (3) for IRFs, a per-discharge prospective payment system, implemented in January 2002 with a 1-year transition period.
The scholarship will cover round-trip travel, hotel, and a perdiem for the entire trip.
Diarrhea can also be managed with bulk-formers such as Metamucil or Perdiem, taken without any additional fluid.
It is permitted because vaccines are not included in the extended care benefit and, therefore, are excluded from the PPS perdiem payment and from consolidated billing.
15 g/day) Eat 2 tablespoons of 100% bran in the morning Bulk-forming agents (Metamucil, Fiber Con, Perdiem, Citrucel) Stool softeners (Colace, Surfak) Mild laxatives (Milk of Magnesia or Peri-Colace) Suppositories/mini enemas Physical activity Diarrhea Monitor electrolytes, weight, diet Skin care Medication to decrease gastrointestional motility, fluid loss Bulk-forming supplements Involuntary bowel Bowel training Diet Suppositories Medication (anticholinergic)
When the show goes on the road, dancers get an additional $700 per week in perdiem payments.
The perdiem limit for favorable income tax treatment for these plans caps at $200 for this year (2001).
So we returned to Thompson, this time for a feisty brown beauty we named PerDiem.
In order to obtain hotel rates discounted to perdiem levels, the government must partner with the lodging industry to help provide them with better information about their travel patterns.
paying the facility an all-inclusive perdiem rate covering room and board, facility staff services, medications, supplies, DME, laboratory tests and physical, occupational and speech therapy