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PERCUSION, posthumously published in 1818, was first translated into French as La Famille Elliot, ou l'ancienne inclination (Paris, 1821) by the Swiss novelist Isabelle de Montolieu, who had in 1815 published a translation of Sense and Sensibility as Raison et Sensibilite, ou les deux manieres d'aimer.
Imaginary cities can be found in Balza's novel Percusion (1982), Belli's Waslala (1996), Abad Faciolince's Angosta (2004), and Ponte's short story "Un arte de hacer ruinas" (2000; An art of making ruins).
Este evenemento historico significara una oportunidad para desarrollar una fuerte red sostenedora de parteras a traves de la region, cultivar amistades, compartir conocimientos e ideas innovadoras, ademas del placer de visitar las islas paradisiacas de Trinidad y Tobago--'el pais del colibri--el calipso y la banda de percusion del Caribe'.
The Skladba pro bici a mnoho jecicich dirigentu [Composition for percusion and a lot of shrieking conductors]', in which apart from a few beast and the final yelling the group just gesticulated, was a sort of culmination of this development .
These ensembles of tuned percusion instruments from Java first made an impact on the west at the end of the 19th century, influencing composers like Debussy and, later, Benjamin Britten.