rate of return

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the amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost

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37 percent return in the business year through March, including dividends.
Even though foundations saw a 12 percent return from investments, the figure has decreased from 21 percent in 2009.
9 billion restructuring proposal, trade creditors will receive 40 percent in cash and 60 percent repayment through an Islamic bond with a 10 percent return.
74 percent return for regional employees in the last five years was almost 5 percentage points less than the 11.
25 percent return over the past five years, is 90 percent funded and has an unfunded liability of $1.
According to Cogent Research, which administered the survey, the 25 percent return is average for association surveys such as this.
Even Bell South, a relative laggard, had a 26 percent return on equity in 1999, compared with 13 percent as recently as 1993.
0 percent return on investments, adding $26 billion to the fund with $170.
51 percent return on the funds in the statewide Pension Reserves Investment Trust Fund (PRIT).
4 percent return on its investment portfolio for fiscal year 2006, ending the year with $48.
In a period when investors have been forced to deal with numbers like -23 percent, -34 percent, -61 percent and the perennial favorite 0 percent, an 8 percent return seems positively huge.
Performance reviews found that the model's highest rated stocks outperformed all of the most popular Wall Street benchmarks, averaging a 31 percent return annually compared to 9.
Dorafshar takes pride in the group's record of less than 3 percent return of the more than 3,000 animals placed in the last five years.
Management's stated goal is for annualized 13 percent return on equity and a 7.
2 percent return on equity structurally unachievable.