rate of return

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the amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost

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Despite being considered a safe bet (dollar hedge and high yielding dividends), power has seen its value erode by 27 percent (ex KEL) in 2017 versus 10 percent return in 2016.
0 percent return in each of the first two years of their investment, rising to a predicted 10 percent in years three and four and 12 percent in years five and six.
37 percent return in the business year through March, including dividends.
Even though foundations saw a 12 percent return from investments, the figure has decreased from 21 percent in 2009.
9 billion restructuring proposal, trade creditors will receive 40 percent in cash and 60 percent repayment through an Islamic bond with a 10 percent return.
00 percent return ration; and A&P, with a 7:23 wait time and a 57.
74 percent return for regional employees in the last five years was almost 5 percentage points less than the 11.
25 percent return over the past five years, is 90 percent funded and has an unfunded liability of $1.
We are pleased with 2005 financial results, which reflect a 25 percent return on average equity and 23 percent return on average invested capital for the year," Kirk Thompson, president and CEO, said in a news release.
Maybe," says Brown, "GM should re-examine the appropriateness of a 9 percent return.
In one instance, the promoters of a building project told investors they would get a 6 percent return on their money while the project was being built.
According to Cogent Research, which administered the survey, the 25 percent return is average for association surveys such as this.
Even Bell South, a relative laggard, had a 26 percent return on equity in 1999, compared with 13 percent as recently as 1993.
2 percent return at year's end led the resurgence, followed by a 16.
51 percent return on the funds in the statewide Pension Reserves Investment Trust Fund (PRIT).