per capita income

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the total national income divided by the number of people in the nation

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Several island nations--including the Maldives, Cape Verde, and Samoa--may soon be "graduated" from this list because of their rising per-capita income.
In other words, they are currently investing more in education relative to their per-capita income than the United States did at the beginning of the human-capital century.
North Koreans could achieve up to 75% of South Koreans' per-capita income within 20 years in a reunited Korea, according to a report released Thursday by an international investment bank.
California ranked 13th among states in per-capita income in 1997
Indeed, the 1990 census showed Catawba per capita income as 35 per cent less than the York County per-capita income.
President Kim Dae Jung said Friday he expects annual per-capita income in South Korea to rise to 13,000 U.
Bureau of Economic Analysis recently completed a survey of per-capita incomes in 366 metropolitan areas across the nation.