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the total national income divided by the number of people in the nation

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Average per capita income of the Kazakhstanis in September this year made up $339, according to the Statistics Committee of Kazakh Ministry of National Economy.
CA-News has previously reported that the average per capita income of the Kazakhs in July of this year was $346.
With respect to rankings of median per capita incomes among the fifty states, the ranking of each of the four states in the district has fallen since 1929.
Meanwhile, growth in per capita incomes in Pennsylvania (8.
The estimated results reveal that the Linder hypothesis is statistically significant and can be explained by differentials in per capita incomes.
The present study considers the impact of the per capita income differentials on Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) trade patterns and revisits the Linder hypothesis.
But far from the dreamy land of opportunity of days past, residents find an area hit with a recession that left its first job losses in a decade, per capita income declines and housing prices out of reach.
Despite the high cost of big-city living, Southern California remains one of the nation's only metropolitan regions with per capita income levels below the national average.
The resulting controversy surrounding growth theory has rekindled interest in the question of whether State per capita incomes are converging because States--more so than nations--are likely to meet some of the important conditions under which the most widely accepted growth model is applicable.
It uses data from BEA's regional accounts to analyze the convergence of State per capita incomes from 1950, the first year for which data for Alaska and Hawaii are available, to 1999, the most recent year for which consistent data are available.
During the 1960s, Korea's low per capita income and lack of creditworthiness made it eligible for concessional assistance from the International Development Association (IDA).
The results indicate that access to clean water and urban sanitation are indicators that clearly improve with higher per capita incomes.
This formula includes the following elements: population, general tax effort (which excludes any taxes levied for education purposes) and the per capita income of residents of the jurisdiction compared to the per capita income of state residents.
Between the 1990 and 2000 censuses, per capita income growth in most Fourth District counties exceeded the national rate, but this can be misleading--some counties with very low per capita incomes outpaced the U.
Summit County's socioeconomic profile includes the highest median family and per capita incomes of all of Utah's counties, reflective of the Park City area's growing attraction to affluent year-round residents, along with vacation home and ski resort activities.