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a nonlethal aerosol spray made with the pepper derivative oleoresin capiscum

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Some of the protesters, including Assaf, sustained minor burns and suffocated as a result of being sprayed by pepper gas.
He said that police also damaging goods of shopkeepers and excessively sprayed pepper gas resulting in suffocation and respiratory disorders among the residents of the area, KMS reported.
At the beginning he beat us directly and then he sprayed pepper gas in our faces."
Deputies used flash and sound diversionary devices and pepper gas to get Baldwin out, Doyle said.
Sources in occupied East Jerusalem told Gulf News that Palestinians who remained in Al Aqsa Mosque overnight and those who managed to enter the mosque for dawn prayers came under a barrage of tear gas canisters, rubber coated bullets and pepper gas as Israeli forces sought to help hundreds of Israeli colonists enter the mosque.
I feel sad, because, parliament is there for discussion, and we have to discuss and sort out matters, and not by spraying pepper gas or, using pistols and guns.
Now, I know I am a dinosaur to these new LEOs, since I go back to the days of no ballistic vests; no walkie talkie radios (when we left our patrol car, we were out of communication with anyone); no pepper gas, Mace or Tasers; plus no computers in the car.
A day earlier police armed with tear and pepper gas, backed up by a water cannon, occupied Taksim and surrounded protesters seeking to enter the square.
A policeman sprays pepper gas at protestors in Brasilia
Pepper gas was fired as hundreds marched over the Bosphorus bridge that connects the Asian and European shores of the city.
Meanwhile, police used pepper gas to disperse families and protesters who attempted to make their way through a road block to reach the prison, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported.
The renown Turkish journalist Asli Aydintash from Milliyet Newspaper asked " what democratic message could Ankara send to President Bashar al-Assad through the democracy of burner pepper gas, which couldn't stand the shouting of only thirty people." Cumhuriyet newspaper revealed that foreign ministers of western countries, including the USA, Britain and Germany refused a Turkish proposal on granting the UN special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, two weeks only for his mission, as they also rejected another Turkish proposal on arming the opposition and the militia of the so called "Free Army" and granting monetary aid.
According to preliminary assessments Lokumcu had a heart attack as pepper gas triggered his asthma.
"If the police have pepper gas, we have stones and Molotov cocktails," Adem, clad in school uniform, said confidently in Diyarbakir, the largest city of the mainly Kurdish southeast and a hotbed of ethnic militancy.
You don't get this with a truncheon, pepper gas or heaven help us a real gun.