Pepin the Short

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king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne who defended papal interests and founded the Carolingian dynasty in 751 (714-768)

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Let us try to picture a master corsair, thoroughly adept at pulling the mob nose, who suddenly bethought himself of that Pepin the Short who found himself mayor of the palace and made himself King of the Franks.
Pepin the Short (714-768) wanted to remove King Childeric from the throne so he asked Pope Zacharias this sly question: "Who is more worthy to reign, the king who fulfills every function of a monarch (which happened to be Pepin) or the king who holds the title without knowing how to govern." The Pope answered that de facto power is more important than de jure power.
In 757, Emperor Constantine V of Byzantium sent one as a gift to Pepin the Short, the king of the Franks, who became the father of another famous historical figure, Charlemagne.
41 Pepin the Short was the father of which great European monarch?
Clovis established the Merovingian Frankish Empire, which ruled till a.d., 751 when Pepin the Short deposed the last of their kings and began a new dynasty, the Carolingians.