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a British peer whose title lapses at death

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The failure of the People's Peers should spur Tony Blair into getting on with the proper reform of the Lords he promised.
She said: "He was a People's Peer and he had lived near Liverpool since 1976.
Now, as they enter their second year in office, a Mirror investigation has discovered that the so-called People's Peers, who include seven knights and three professors, have made little impact on the House despite being able to claim up to pounds 234 expenses per day when they attend.
Until they are all democratically elected, they can't call themselves People's Peers.
He said there had been illinformed sniggering about why they were called People's Peers.
Tony Bentley, director of left wing think tank Demos, said: "The people's peers are the result of an appetite for democratic reform, but this is just tinkering with a faulty machine.
In an impassioned contribution, Lady Finlay - one of 15 People's Peers appointed earlier this year - drew on her experiences as professor of palliative medicine at University College, Cardiff.
REJECTED People's Peers last night joined forces to condemn Prime Minister Tony Blair.
BARONESS Finlay said she was so surprised to hear she'd been named as one of the new People's Peers that she had to ring up the appointments commission to check it was true.
He added that the Prime Minister will decide on the number of people's peers but that 'past precedent suggests eight to ten people'.
Meanwhile, other people's peers last night defended their appointments.
JB Priestley was one of the first to describe it as "the people's war", an ominous echo of Tony Blair's favourite appendage to any popular subject, (the people's princess, the people's peers, the people's awards, etc).
Furthermore, the voices of dissent in the Upper House are about to be silenced and replaced by People's Peers with watered-down powers.
Salmond poured scorn on the ideas already tabled, saying: "The idea of People's Peers is ludicrous.
I am commanded by His Majesty to inform you that your name has been forwarded to the Department of Constitutional Reform and Transference of Power to Europe as a nominee as one of the first People's Peers in the New Lords.
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