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barbiturate that is a hygroscopic powder (trade name Pentothal) that is a strong barbiturate that acts rapidly

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The sodium pentothal hypnosis interview with follow-up treatment for complex regional pain syndrome.
The present status of narcosynthesis using sodium pentothal and sodium amytal.
While these state procedures do vary in terms of the systems used to administer the lethal chemicals, all lethal injections typically consist of a three-chemical combination: sodium thiopental or Sodium Pentothal, its trademark name; pancuronium bromide, also known as Pavulon; and finally, potassium chloride.
Praising the wonders of the drug sodium pentothal and the "medico's help" in allowing the patient to dredge up unconscious anxieties via the process of narcosynthesis, Wecter concludes that modern military psychiatry "restores the wholeness of the man" (p.
32) In Warren Buffett's words, "If you could administer sodium pentothal [to the managers], you find that they, like you or me, simply don't want to be dispossessed.
According to Alison Winter, a science historian at the University of Chicago, who has studied the origins and applications of truth serum, the term that was used to describe the use of certain drugs, most commonly barbiturates like sodium amytal and sodium pentothal, to try to extract truthful statements from people about their past experiences.
A 2001 article in the Belgian magazine Knack quoted a nurse as saying that due to budget cuts that resulted in fewer beds, "We drastically augment the level of morphine that we give to the very sick, or we inject them with pentothal.
The drugs consist of sodium pentothal (also known as Thiopental), a barbiturate anesthetic that is supposed to render the inmate unconscious.
Her temperature is taken, she is administered an electrocardiogram to test the electrical activity of her heart, and she is given a muscle relaxant and sodium pentothal as an anesthetic.
Almost all the states use the same three-drug combination: sodium pentothal, to render the inmate unconscious; pancuronium bromide, to paralyze all skeletal muscles; and potassium chloride, to stop the heart and cause death.
He was even administered Pentothal, or "truth serum.
So I went to see this guy, he uses sodium pentothal - truth serum.
Death penalty critics have argued that the painkiller sodium pentothal could wear off, causing pain, before a second drug, pancuronium bromide, paralyses the inmate.
In an age of drugs like Pentothal, which take away the ability to lie, where's the need of torture, ethical or not?
They contain Pentothal, an anesthetic also known as "truth serum," which, according to a representative of Multipharma, provokes death in 90 percent of cases.