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barbiturate that is a hygroscopic powder (trade name Pentothal) that is a strong barbiturate that acts rapidly

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I prepared a shot of Sodium Pentothal because he needed to go under the wire.
1- In another study with doses higher than usual (5-7 mg/kg Pentothal and end-tidal isoflurane of 1% instead of 0.
Military and civilian doctors touted the miraculous properties of sodium pentothal, which allowed patients to "purge" distressing memories and reclaim their manhood (Jarvis, "If" 102-106).
10) One of the most controversial informants, Perry Russo, who testified in District Attorney Jim Garrison's Kennedy assassination investigation while under the influence of sodium pentothal, claimed to have seen Oswald at a party in New Orleans where the assassination was discussed, and that Oswald "looked like a typical beatnik, extremely dirty, with his hair all messed up, the beard unkempt, a dirty t-shirt, and either blue jeans or khaki pants on.
After radiation, the rats rested for 24 hours and were then slaughtered by intra-peritoneal injection of sodium pentothal (to diminish stress levels) followed by an overdose of ethyl ether and immediate perfusion via the ascending aorta with paraformaldehyde at 4[degrees]C.
By the end of 8th week, rats were anaesthetized with Pentothal sodium 50 mg/kg i.
439) The grounds were the recent substitution of nembutal for pentothal.
224) If the prisoner does not lose consciousness, the protocol also requires the Deputy Director to administer the back-up doses of sodium pentothal.
Connie and Shirley began a week-long marathon of daily Pentothal injections and shock treatment.
22) On day 77, blood samples were drawn from the tail vein and stored in Eppendorf tubes at -80[degrees]C, and the rats were euthanized with ketamine hydrochloride solution (200 mg/kg body weight) (intramuscularly) and pentothal solution 10% (intraperitoneally).
4 Pentothal is a short acting barbiturate which can reduce the cost of induction to one seventh of Propofol induction cost.
L'osservazione di maggior pregio e quella in cui Castaldi identifica la storia di Pentothal come il primo libro a fumetti a impiegare la tecnica dello stream of consciousness (80) e di un marcato plurilinguismo, quasi una risposta del fumetto alle provocazioni culturali della neoavanguardia letteraria e di Carlo Emilio Gadda.
Hypnosis: A patient who was unresponsive to multiple medical treatments for CRPS was assessed using a sodium pentothal hypnosis interview.
These two, combined, is sodium pentothal injected into the Hippocampus of Fascist Nationalism.
He was secretary-manager at Pentothal, well known around Preston and the north.