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Synonyms for Pentecost

seventh Sunday after Easter

(Judaism) Jewish holy day celebrated on the sixth of Sivan to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments

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Suenens followed Aquinas in distinguishing the visible mission of the Spirit on Pentecost from the invisible mission of the Spirit in Christians after Pentecost.
Purchased for 5,000gns, Pentecost has accumulated almost pounds 270,000 in prize-money, and many of his best-remembered days came at the Berkshire course, where he won the 2002 Britannia Handicap and recorded two successes at Shergar Cup meetings staged there.
Dans le contexte ghaneen colonial, Christine Leonard (1989) fait allusion a la volonte du fondateur de la Church of Pentecost de batir <<une Eglise en heritage>> qui demeurerait, apres lui, la propriete de ses collaborateurs africains, c'est-a-dire une Eglise autonome dans sa gestion et ses ressources : <<From the beginning, James [McKeown] wanted the Church in Ghana to be indigenous, with African culture, ministry and finance>> (Leonard 1989 : 69).
Hannah Pentecost, a former porn star who lives in Falkirk, said yesterday: "We want to get him into karate so he'll be well able to look after himself.
As Harry Boer convincingly argued years ago in his classic Pentecost and Missions (1961), and as the articles in this issue of the IBMR attest, Pentecost is not really about spectacular signs and wonders, exorcisms, prophecies, or material prosperity.
We started the farmers' market with a grant from the USDA," says Lyn Pentecost, the Club's executive director.
Under the law, state workers no longer have the day off for the Christian festival of Pentecost that falls on Monday 16 May this year.
COST EFFECTIVE: Frankie Dettori drives home Pentecost (left) from St Andrews at Sandown in July
As of late fall, it was reported that the French government may give up the Monday after Pentecost as one of France's 11 annual holidays.
Florio and Biancifiore are both born during Pentecost, and on Pentecost are being united with a secret marriage in the Arab's Tower.
Lyn Pentecost, executive director, Lower Eastside Girls Club said, "In times of economic uncertainty when not-for-profits are called upon to provide more and more services to their communities, projects such as this are a win-win situation for all concerned.
Mike Pentecost, of Woodhaven Calls, puts out the most attractive friction-type calls that I've seen.
Jetsetters who made the last Venice Biennale will certainly remember Pentecost, 1999, a large installation comprising twelve figures connected to an enormous tree, all fashioned from sonotubes and mechanized to tap out popular melodies.
One can pass over it quickly and just see succession--Jesus dies and then comes Pentecost.