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a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers

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72) One important feature of galectin-3 is its ability to form small clusters of galectin-3 molecules bound together in pentamers.
The CTB pentamer is held together by approximately 130 hydrogen bonds and 20 salt bridges.
ATPase is not always a hexamer but also a pentamer," J.
The "ATTTA" pentamer motif has been recorded in the 3'-UTR of many vertebrate and invertebrate mRNAs including genes for interleukins, adhesion molecules, proto-oncogenes, and growth factors (Asson-Batres et al.
The filter for the number of A/U in the 5'-end pentamer of the antisense strand (f-AU).
They assigned each pentamer to occupy 72 percent as much area as each hexamer did.
Pentamer arragement in fragments of human rotavirus inner capsids observed by low dose electron microscopy.
There will be two pentamers, one bound to the spot and one labeled pentamer hybridized to the same target molecule back-to-back.
It was a mixture of low molecular weight oligomers (around dimer 40 wt%, trimer 35 wt%, tetramer 15 wt%, and pentamer and higher 10 wt%) with two to seven butyl groups and already contained a premixed initiator butylchlorotin dihydroxide ([C.
Moreover, a single amino acid from a neighbouring B subunit also plays an important role in binding (16), explaining the much higher binding affinity of the CTB pentamer, as compared to that of the CTB monomer.
Improvements in amplification and identification of multiple nucleic-acid sequences by using locked pentamer residues as universal primers provide amplification, hybridization, and identification in a single tube.
In the study, frozen brain sections from people who died with Alzheimer's were stained using two LCPs/LCOs: pentamer formyl thiophene acetic acid (pFTAA) and polythiophene acetic acid (PTAA).
In these experiments, while all of the tested procyanidins appeared active, the pentamer offered the best protection.