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"Firstly geography - we have the highest hills of the entire Pennine chain to our west, which catch more than 2,000mm of rain per year, and yet the majority of us living in the coastal plain dwell in the rain shadow of these hills, where we receive some of the lowest rainfall in the UK (about 700mm - less than Jerusalem).
England is over six times the area of Wales (Wales 8015 square miles, England 50,320 square miles), so lots of room and plenty of hills and open spaces - or is it because the English do not do geography and have never heard of, for example, the Pennine Chain what about windmill territory in "Little Holland", east Anglia then!
After the event's initial test at Harrogate, the first major challenge for the crews was to negotiate the Harewood Hillclimb on their way north on unclassified roads and tracks up the Pennine Chain to the village of Barnard Castle, where the streets were sealed off specially for the event.
Defiled and dirty, the North East was left with high unemployment, low incomes, rusting riverbanks and a Pennine chain of slagheaps.
Guest speaker, local historian David Cockman, explained that Standedge ('stone edge'), near Marsden, was chosen as the most suitable point to cross the Pennine Chain in this area.