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genus of fungi commonly growing as green or blue molds on decaying food

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parasiticus, and some other species of Aspegillus, Penicilium, and Rhizopus (Wogan, 1973; Bennett and Klich, 2003).
Except Cephaliphora irregularis and Penicilium chrysogenum, all the fungal species caused increase in free fatty acid above 20%, the value after which rancidity of oil becomes noticed [3].
oxysporum, Trichodermapolysporum, Scytalidiym thermophilum y Penicilium miczynski (Barclay et al.
Los hongos mas utilizados y conocidos en CB pertenecen a los Hyphomycetes; entre ellos, los generos Trichoderma, Penicilium y Gliocladium.
Other subjects are aerobic biodegradation of fish-meal wastewater, methods in the study of biodegradation of water insoluble polymer materials, biodegradation of phenol and resorcinol by a halotolerant penicilium, and kinetics and metabolic pathway of melatonin biodegradation by a bacterium isolated from mangrove sediment.