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(Greek mythology) the wife of Odysseus and a symbol of devotion and fidelity

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a genus of guans (turkey-like arboreal birds valued as game and food birds)

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"You are asleep, Penelope: the gods who live at ease will not suffer you to weep and be so sad.
Penelope, who was sleeping sweetly at the gates of dreamland, answered, "Sister, why have you come here?
"Then," said Penelope, "if you are a god or have been sent here by divine commission, tell me also about that other unhappy one--is he still alive, or is he already dead and in the house of Hades?"
Then it vanished through the thong-hole of the door and was dissipated into thin air; but Penelope rose from her sleep refreshed and comforted, so vivid had been her dream.
Penelope's cousins North who is the eldest daughter of Kim and Kanye West, and True Thompson, Khloe's 15-month-old baby girl, were also part of the celebrations.
Her aunt had the idea of personalising her Build-A-Bear as a memorial and now every time Penelope squeezes the belly of the bear, which she calls 'Mummy', she can hear Kirsten laughing, blowing kisses and telling her she loves her.
"Pepe has done well so far but Penelope has not done so well at 'cat weight watchers' so they will need an owner who can continue with their diet.
The building will go to auction later this month - and Penelope now wants to find good homes for a collection of trophies left behind at the club.
Actress Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica Cruz know the pains of picking the right handbag when you're a mother.
Love, Penelope is thoughtful in its approach to heavy issues.
Penelope's prayer to replicate the Pandareids' demise has received only sparing critical attention, (1) but represents, as 1 will argue, an important avenue for interpreting Penelope's character and narrative role in the Odyssey.
Along these interwoven associations, considering intelligence and patience, weaving and Internet modalities, Penelope stands for more than a personification of patriarchally imposed stereotypes.
Over on the West Coast, the Kardashians were busy wishing Penelope a happy birthday.