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an apartment located on the top floors of a building

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2 23 132 per cui scosse dianzi[??]ogne pendice 127.
Petrocchi's practice, which is fairly typical, is as follows: where the first vowel is i it always has the diaeresis mark; the same applies where it is u, except in 2 23 132: 'per cui scosse dianzi ogne pendice' (compare 3 33 58: 'Qual e colui che sognando vede',); where the first vowel is e, it carries the diaeresis, unless the second vowel is i, or unless it is u, where we have Eunoe but Eufrates and leuto; where the first vowel is a or o further inconsistency prevails, with Israel, levai, loico, mai, Maometto, portai, vedrai alongside ficcai, hai, Moise, poi, spaurato, Taide, Tanai.