pencil sharpener

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a rotary implement for sharpening the point on pencils

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As this advert is at pains to point out, with this pencil you wouldn't need a pencil sharpener.
The waiter was like a real friend; he sympathized with me, and said there was another small pencil sharpener over at Kempinski's Restaurant on the other side of Jungfenstieg.
Just add books to Levenger's Book Caboose, a suede-trimmed khaki tote that is filled with things you'd expect such as a felt-tipped liner, pencils, an eraser, stick-on notes, a notepad and a pencil sharpener. It also contains a few essentials you'd probably never think of: earplugs, a book light, a book bungee and book bumpers.
Late-1800s, "The Gem" pencil sharpener, sharpens pencils with a hand-cranked disk sander, owned by Ed Jones of Williamstown, Mass.
For example, will the student be seated in a study carrel, at the front of the room, away from the distractions of the pencil sharpener or pets in the room?
The small box-shaped device, roughly the size of an electric pencil sharpener, contains a basic palette of scented oils than can produce thousands of different smells.
New York Color collection will consist of 42 shades of long-wearing nail enamel, 60 shades of moisturizing lipstick, 20 shades of long-wearing lipstick, seven shades of lip liner pencil, six shades of powder blush, and other items ranging from shadow applicators to a dual pencil sharpener.
Leger is a superlative draftsman, and the slightest study - a leaf, a nut, a pencil sharpener - becomes both monumental and intimate under his forensic eye.
Launched in 1956 as a lighting supplier, the company is recognized as having introduced the high-intensity lamp to market; in 1969, it helped pioneer the electric pencil sharpener and in 1970, it engineered the steel tennis racquet.
To eliminate repeated trips to the pencil sharpener, provide every work table with a zip-lock bag and a metal, hand-held pencil sharpener.
The 4-H'ers assembling Student School Kits that contain: spiral notebooks, ruler, pencils, pencil sharpener, 2" eraser, box of 12 colored pencils, box 24 crayons, and student scissors.
Superdrug, PS5.99 or two for PS10 SAVE: PS1.98 MAKE-UP BAG Kiss and Make Up oversized make-up bag,, was PS15, now PS10.50 SAVE: PS4.50 PENCIL SHARPENER Royal Duo pencil sharpener,
PENCIL SHARPENER | |Royal Duo Pencil Sharpener,
Asking what they want to be when they grow up, Alfie says: "I want to go in a rocket and blast myself off to space", while Emily wants to be "a jelly maker, a pencil sharpener and a toy maker".
It's a hilarious insight, gaining their views on topics like where babies come from ("They magically appear from monkeys"), to the meaning of love ("It's too disgusting to say") and what they want to be when they grow up - "A jelly maker and a pencil sharpener," says one.