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the theological doctrine put forward by Pelagius which denied original sin and affirmed the ability of humans to be righteous

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The idea of chastity as an alternative equivalent to or even superior to the marriage state smacked of Pelagianism and of the arrogance of supererogation.
19) Even after returning to Christianity, however, Augustine had to battle Pelagianism, a dispute that frustrated him to such extremes that he retreated into the flawed doctrine of determinism.
McCarthy also identifies another major issue for Kierkegaard-Heidegger interpretation: those reading Kierkegaard and Heidegger from the perspective of Christian theology will balk at Heidegger's secular phenomenology, which is a contemporary form of Pelagianism in contrast to Kierkegaard's more Augustinian emphasis on the need for divine grace (114).
3) This played out in denunciations of the widespread "common-sense" pelagianism.
Finally, well-known controversies, Pelagianism and Donatism, for example, also appear in these pages, their debates about boundaries closely keyed to Augustine's perceptions of pride and the soul's debility.
While an analogy to Pelagianism (or perhaps semi-Pelagianism) is no doubt too strong, there is a sense that the strongest accent of catholicity is not on Christ's presence in the church, but on the church's achievement in fidelity to canonical expressions of doctrine, ministry, liturgy and morals contrasted with those of the heretical and schismatic Christian communities.
These chapters, which examine teaching on God's agency, the human will, the sacraments, modernism, and Pelagianism, by two widely divergent though contemporary theologians, are rich with material that can be revisited in connection with authors other than Langland and Julian, and with other medieval theologians.
The same kind of objection is found in the defenders of the via moderna to the charge of extreme Pelagianism.
Martin Luther regarded Pelagianism as the one perennial heresy of Christian history, and he was convinced that it had become dominant in his lifetime under the patronage of the Roman church.
The very terms functioned as debating points in nuce--just as had occurred with terms like Pelagianism and antinomianism in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (to restrict my purview to the particular cases that might be generally relevant to the topics of this essay).
Burgess, a self-designated Manichaean, sees people like Alex playing an important role in the dynamic interplay of good and evil, and in a cyclical theory, a constant back and forth movement from Augustinianism to Pelagianism.
If you wanted to get together a discussion group on the Trinity, for example, or Pelagianism, you would rent a classroom.
Clergy will find the book a useful reminder of what we have forgotten, although regretfully there is no mention of the so-called British heresy, Pelagianism.
He regards Buss's Pelagianism as a variant of the philosophy of Gotthold E.