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capital of the People's Republic of China in the Hebei province in northeastern China

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I wrote my article "On two Tibetan pictures representing some of the spiritual ancestors of the Dalai Lama and of the Panchen Lama", which the Bulletin of the National Library of Peiping printed in December 1932, I never expected that an earlier version of the same article, written in July 1931, would appear in the number of the Journal of the American Oriental Society which was to reach Peiping on February 20th 1933.
My dear Baron: With further reference to our conversation of last evening, in the course of which I expressed my interest in the fact that, after receiving from you the reprint of your article "On two Tibetan pictures representing some of the spiritual ancestors of the Dalai Lama and of the Panchen Lama" printed by the Bulletin of the National Library of Peiping, I noted in my copy of the Journal of the American Oriental Society, on pages 338 ct seq.
Because of the ambush and other hostilities, protection of the military police on patrol in Shanghai and Peiping was improved.
The entire 701st Military Police Battalion--less Charlie Company, which remained in Shanghai--was assigned to Peiping Headquarters Group in late 1946.
Being new missionaries in Peiping was a marvelous experience, in spite of winter dust storms, summer heat, and wrenching human suffering around us.
Based in Peiping (Beijing), FRB was the key note issued by the financial arm of the Japanese in Northeast China from 1938.
Before the end of July, the Japanese had taken Peiping and Tientsin, and by the end of the year they held all of north-eastern China.
Probably the most widely known California champenoise house is Schramsberg in the Napa Valley (its product was carried to Peiping when then-President Nixon opened relations with China in the Seventies, and was the champagne consumed by the Chinese and American bigwigs in toasting the new rapport).
On January 31, 1949, PLA forces triumphantly celebrated the Kuomintang surrender of Peiping (now Beijing) with their clenched fists raised in the air saluting Mao.
Bundy outlined "Scenario Z" as the last of three "bad scenarios": "Moscow comes to the aid of Hanoi and Peiping, supplying all necessary equipment (including a limited supply of air-deliverable nuclear weapons to retaliate in kind against U.
Even though the Gulf of Tonkin is not a parallel to this particular problem, I remind you for use with British Ministers that the US immediately sent powerful reinforcements to the Far East to deal with the consequences of any effort by Hanoi or Peiping [Beijing] to escalate.
Alekseev's scholarship was recognized worldwide and he was elected to membership in the USSR Acad emy of Sciences, the Peiping Metropolitan Library, the American Academy of Social and Political Sciences, the National Geographical Society, and the American Oriental Society.
During his first visit to China (1934-36) he taught at Peking University, Peiping Municipal University, and the Medical School in Paoting.