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Synonyms for peerage


Synonyms for peerage

the peers of a kingdom considered as a group

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On a certain day in that year two special items of news appeared in the papers--the news of an elevation to the peerage, and the news of a suicide.
Delamayn consulted his wife, and took it with a peerage.
Vanborough's lawyer rose, till the peerage received him, and he could rise no longer; while Mr.
His politeness for the fair sex has already been hinted at by Miss Rebecca Sharp--in a word, the whole baronetage, peerage, commonage of England, did not contain a more cunning, mean, selfish, foolish, disreputable old man.
A baronetcy was spoken of with confidence; a peerage was frequently mentioned.
He issued a statement to crush claims he nominated wealthy donor Sir Ronald Cohen and thinktank boss Wilf Stevenson for peerages.
What makes this all the more appalling is that it comes at a time when the Labour Party is under police investigation over the allegation that it gave peerages in return for loans.
I doubt the four Labour nominees denied their peerages have such a record of giving.
But adds: "Note: no actual peerage is for sale, we do not endorse the sale of peerages.
MP Angus MacNeil went to Scotland Yard over accusations that supporters were offered peerages in return for loans.
A FREEZE on new peerages until the honours system is "cleaned up" has been demanded by a Midland Labour MP.
Labour was last night battling to persuade voters it had not "sold" peerages.
The reason for the award of these extra peerages is entirely political.
There is no suggestion any of the donors broke rules and their peerages were all cleared by the Electoral Commission and a Lords appointments committee.
Downing Street has refused to comment on claims that David Cameron is to give peerages to leading Conservative supporters Brady and former Marks & Spencer chairman Sir Stuart Rose.