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Synonyms for peerage


Synonyms for peerage

the peers of a kingdom considered as a group

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CONGRATULATIONS to Sir Alan Beith, the former Berwick MP, on the award of a peerage in yesterday's dissolution honours.
And the PM's latest list of peerages for pals is likely to provoke a new storm over the way his party is funded.
Also selected for a peerage was the man behind the Ministry of Sound nightclubs.
DISGRACED MP Stephen Byers has come in for further criticism as it was revealed he will not receive a peerage.
WILLIAM Hague admitted yesterday he should never have claimed Lord Ashcroft would pay "tens of millions of pounds" more in tax when he was pushing for the Tory donor to be awarded a peerage.
As for the cash for peerages investigation; the Labour government promised that the rights of non-elected peers to have their say in laws would be abolished.
Environment spokesman Chris Huhne said the Government had "effectively been selling peerages and selling knighthoods".
Former Scottish Parliament presiding officer Lord Steel introduced a Bill which would strip anyone who has served more than a year in prison of their peerage.
Downing Street refused to comment on allegations in the Daily Mail that Lord Levy brandished a list of people he wanted nominated for peerages in the 2005 election honours.
The police inquiry began after complaints wealthy lenders were later nominated for peerages.
THE Lord Chancellor has rubbished claims that peerages were for sale.
I doubt the writer has the powers to confer peerages on baronets, so Sir William Goring he remains.
He plans to apply for one of Tony Blair's People's Peerages for services to TV.
A common misconception is that people get manorial titles confused with peerages," Smith said.