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evaluate professionally a colleague's work


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The Florida Medicare peer review organization collaborated with 32 acute care hospitals statewide to determine how closely current guidelines for emergent treatment of stroke were being followed and to improve compliance with the guidelines.
Quality Improvement in Health Care A Brief History of the Medicare Peer Review Organization (PRO) Initiative.
Whether The Appraisal Foundation could internally resolve the potential question of which of its associate organizations would emerge as the leader would determine the success of implementing a viable and legitimate peer review organization.
The program, scheduled to begin in May or June 2002, will be administered by CMS through each participating state's Peer Review Organization (PRO).
He has worked with the Minnesota Peer Review Organization to improve the quality of care for heart attack patients.
Ramunno, director of the Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation (NHCQF), the Medicare Peer Review Organization for Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.
Island Peer Review Organization (IPRO), a medical insurance services company, has completed its 80,000-square-foot move of its headquarters to the Triad V office center in Lake Success, Long Island.
Communication from the Peer Review Organization (PRO) are reported to the Case Review Committee or the Medical QA Committee, whichever is appropriate.
IFMC conducts utilization review as Medicare's Peer Review Organization in Iowa.