Peeping Tom

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a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others

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This year's cast list includes SAS Man, the Village Copper, Peeping Tom, Pondman, The Paper Boy and Puss in Boots.
I don't think the race is as strong as it was for the last two runnings and I think Peeping Tom is the main danger.
Incorporating augmented reality, which allows users to experience virtual tours with Peeping Tom and T rewards based initiatives, the app is a truly interactive and engaging experience.
Last month Peeping Tom was reclassified as a 15, with the BBFC declaring 'There is a complete lack of any blood and injuries'.
DETECTIVES want to trace a peeping tom who placed a camera in a unisex changing room - and unwittingly photographed himself doing it.
A PEEPING Tom secretly f i l m e d women g e t t i n g undressed - and one having sex with her boyfriend - and then turned his footage into homemade porn movies, a court heard.
When Alasdair discovers Hallam's peeping tom tendencies, the stakes are raised.
PEEPING Tom Kevin Todd was facing jail today after he was caught filming children changing backstage at a Tyneside theatre.
OREGAN, USA: Angry campers tied a peeping Tom suspect to a tree, keeping him bound until police arrived.
Tina Curling, 15 and a pupil at Arden School in Knowle, was sixth on Lexus while George's sister Charlotte Hooper, a pupil at Solihull Technical College, riding Peeping Tom, completed the team.
A PEEPING Tom landlord who secretly filmed three pretty female students is facing jail.
This peeping tom belongs to John and Mona `Bull' Bryngwran on AngleseyThis is Lad, who likes nothing better than sitting in the garden or walking in the mountains.
If not, I'm afraid that you don't qualify as a Peeping Tom.
Time was when a Peeping Tom was a creature to be scorned or at least pitied.
It's a forbidden and secret pleasure but it also makes you a peeping tom.