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Synonyms for peeper

a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others

an informal term referring to the eye

an animal that makes short high-pitched sounds

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Cindy Dunn, site manager and conservation coordinator for Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, said spring peepers and wood frogs, which also come out in the spring, are now extremely active in the sanctuary's many ponds and wetlands.
We're finishing up another great year here at Peepers and we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to partner with so many reputable charitable organizations.
com provides complete information for leaf peepers planning a Fall foliage day trip by rail.
PS18, Peepers I picked up a white plastic cuff that looks just like Marni for under PS2 - it works with everything and gives simple tunic dresses a 60s makeover.
And whenever I look at that stuffed animal that sits--quite creepily--on my desk in work, t'tu reminded that somewhere out there in the fields of southern Utah, Senor Peepers is thinking of me.
In October 2007, she started Pipe Peepers LLC, based in New Haven, MO, specializing in sanitary and storm inspection.
It is touted as a Formula One for eyes with unique abilities to give fullness to your peepers.
There is one sure sign that spring has finally come to New England: the first evening when the peepers are heard.
This means that the condition can lead to blindness, so it's vital to take care of your peepers.
Find out how to make the most of your peepers with our guide.
Across the San Fernando Valley, residents trained their peepers at hundreds of birds, from red-winged blackbirds to yellow-rumped warblers to great blue herons.
When we moved here in 1997 I walked by in early spring and it was so full of spring peepers, those little inch-long tree frogs that make a single loud peep over and over in search of a mate, that you could hardly distinguish one from the next.
Areas of the United States with especially colorful fall displays attract thousands of leaf peepers.
In the poem titled "A Late Spring Song," for example, she writes: "Sex entertains an audience / eavesdropping by the pool / where peepers thrill and lilacs I overwhelm the spangled dark.
A PAIR of sunglasses is an essential summer buy as they look good and protect your peepers from harmful rays.