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Synonyms for peewee

Synonyms for peewee

disparaging terms for small people

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Amazon and the Walmart-owned also sell Pee Wee Heels online.
Pee Wee Herman star, Paul Reubens, will be the voice of Alice's furry friend The White Rabbit.
The band need little introduction but as a quick overview, Pee Wee Ellis - a stalwart of James Brown's band in the 60s and long-time musical director for Van Morrison.
From Pee Wee football to the pros, there is pressure to perform, to stay ahead of the competition, and to win.
Peter Pan will feature Waterloo Road star Jack McMullen, children's favourite Pee Wee Price and Charlotte Dawson, the daughter of late comedian Les Dawson.
The new Paris Pee Wee team will be composed of players from Paris and the surrounding area who were born in 1999 or 2000.
"The public health implications of body checking in Pee Wee ice hockey are significant," says study coauthor Carolyn Emery, an epidemiologist and physiotherapist at the University of Calgary in Alberta.
Pee Wee Ellis has worked with everyone from Van Morrison to Clare Teal, but is still best remembered as the man behind the sound of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.
When Pee Wee entered his teens recently--his dog teens, of course, which occur between ages one and two--his cute little puppy habits, so amusing at first, quickly became less so.
Paul Reubens stars in this comedy sequel to Pee Wee's Big Adventure about a struggling circus that arrives in town in the middle of a storm.
"Getting Ready to Win" is a must for any sports coach on any level, from pee wee all the way up to the big leagues who needs tips to make their players the best they can be.
Like many infants with chronic renal failure, Pee Wee was a poor feeder, so a gastrostomy tube was inserted in order to facilitate feeding.
Final Round offers numerous classes and programs including Pee Wee, Junior and Senior Boys' Boxing, Men's and Masters' Boxing, as well as a Boxing Basics Class and Women's and Girls' Kickboxing.