Pee Dee River

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a river that flows through central North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean

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The Pee Dee River basin, including the Waccamaw River tributary, supplies freshwater to the Grand Strand of South Carolina, an area of rapidly growing coastal communities.
Plot showing salinity (blue line) at the USGS gauge on the Waccamaw River at Hagley Landing (station 02110815) and streamflow (black line) at the USGS gauge on the Pee Dee River at Pee Dee (station 02131000).
The North Carolina WRC and South Carolina DNR, in cooperation with the Yadkin-Pee Dee TWG, will begin supplementing the small population of robust redhorse downstream of Blewett Falls Dam in the Pee Dee River this fall.
Caption: Biologists collect an adult robust redhorse in North Carolina's Pee Dee River.
Since the rediscovery of the species, remnant populations have been found from Georgia to North Carolina in the Ocmulgee, Savannah, and Pee Dee rivers.
They are monitoring water quality at several sites along the Waccamaw River, the Little Pee Dee River, the Intercoastal Waterway, and some local ponds.
Chapter) North Carolina Division of Water Quality North Carolina Division of Water Resources North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Pee Dee River Coalition Piedmont Boat Club Progress Energy Rowan County Salisbury/Rowan Association of Realtors South Carolina Coastal Conservation League South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Town of Badin, NC U.
The settlers who migrated to South Carolina between the years 1736 and 1746 were primarily Calvinist Baptists who settled in the upper Pee Dee River Region of present day Marlboro County.
The Yadkin and Pee Dee rivers serve as the forest's western boundary; Troy sits centrally located at the crossroads of highways 109, 134 and 24 and provides hunters with lodging, supplies, fuel and other necessities.