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Gnathosoma fused pedipalpi, 2 segmented, broad at base, slightly tapering anteriorly, 32 long (basal segment 22, distal segment 10), bifurcated anteriorly, 1 pair arista, 32 long, 1 pairs small setae (Fig.
Scorpions, Pedipalpi and spiders collected by Dr Willey in New Britain, the Solomon Islands, Loyalty Islands, etc.
Gnathosomal fused pedipalpi, I segmented,24 (20-29) long, broad at base, rounded posteriorly, I pair arista, 47 (37-47) long, 1 pairs small setae (Fig.
Species of this monophyletic genus are small, delicate, rather pale and without distinctive patterns except for the rather distinctive five or less dark, longitudinal lines on the legs and pedipalpi.
Legs straight with III always smallest and I longest with the length about twice length of III; all legs and pedipalpi pale with 4-1 distinct dark, longitudinal pigmented lines.
Solifugae, Scorpions, and Pedipalpi, with checklists and keys to the South African families, genera and species.