Pediculus capitis

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infests the head and body of humans

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The prevalence of Pediculus capitis in school children in Mersin, Turkey.
Pediculus capitis, infestation according to sex and social factors in Gaza Governorate.
Children are often misdiagnosed with Pediculus capitis because they have hair casts that resemble nits, or they have dead or empty nits that are far away from the scalp, said Dr.
The head louse or, to give it its grand name, Pediculus capitis, is a parasite that lives on human blood and is found in scalp hair.
Mumcuoglu KY, Hemingway J, Miller J, Ioffe-Uspensky I, Klaus S, Ben-Ishai F, Galun R (1995) Permethrin resistance in the head louse, Pediculus capitis, from Israel.
Fortunately, the head louse--called pediculus capitis (peh-DIK-yoo-lus ka-PI-tis)--isn't harmful.
Permethrin resistance in the head louse Pediculus capitis from Israel.